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10 Ways to Save Money Planning Your Wedding

10 Ways to Save Money Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged and planning a wedding! It’s so excited to get started, that is until you add up how much everything could cost…

When it comes to planning a wedding, it's all about knowing your priorities and allocating your wedding budget accordingly. It should be one of the first things you do as a couple after sharing the happy news! Here are our top ten ways to save money when planning a wedding.

Consider Other Days of the Week

It’s all about picking a day that other couples aren’t queuing up for - it can get you a discount AND first dibs at your preferred vendors! 

While You’re at It, How About a Winter Wedding?

We’ve got some stunning long sleeve wedding dresses that will keep you feeling warm while looking beautiful!

Have a Small Wedding Party

While you might have always envisioned all your besties to be standing by you at the altar, the bigger the bridal party, the bigger the cost. You can find ways to incorporate them into your day in other ways, like being an MC or reading a special poem. 

Shop in Advance to Avoid Rush Fees

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect gown, only to find out it can’t be made in time for your wedding… Many designers can push your order to the front of the queue for an additional fee, but just start looking for your gown earlier to avoid this situation entirely! Here’s the timeline we recommend when searching for your wedding dress (link to other blog). So go on, book inki and find your dream gown now!

Go for Greenery

Foliage is beautiful and much less expensive than flowers, so speak to your florist about potentially bulking up your table arrangements and installations with some stunning greenery! 

Have Your Ceremony Florals Do a Double Shift

After your ceremony while you’re getting your portraits, organise for your ceremony flowers to be moved into your reception space.

Cut the Cake

Swap out the wedding cake with something that’s a bit sweeter on the budget. There are lots of fun and delicious alternatives like a gelato cary, a fairy floss cart, cupcakes, a doughnut wall or even a stack of lamingtons. 

Hold Your Ceremony and Reception at the Same Place

Find the one venue where you can say ‘I do’ then party away the rest of the day and night. By having your ceremony and reception at the same place, you save money on hiring two separate spaces and the travel costs incurred from getting everyone between them.

Keep Things Intimate with a Smaller Guest List

This one may sound obvious, but having fewer guests means fewer wedding expenses, not to mention that we’re loving the rise of intimate celebrations!

Don't Feel Pressured to Party.

If you're already on a tight budget with the wedding itself, don't feel like you need to throw additional events like an engagement party. Saving all the excitement (and budget) for the one special celebration will make it extra special. 

There you have it, our top ten ways to save money when planning a wedding. So, plan a wedding planning date night (your first of many!) and chat through your budget and priorities for the day and implement these tips accordingly!

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