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Satin wedding dresses are one of the most common choices of modern brides. A hint of tradition, a lustrous shimmer and a whole lot of support are what keeps this rich fabric at the top of the list for wedding gown designers.

Why satin wedding dresses are the #1 choice of modern brides

A satin wedding dress has the ability to sculpt the figure of the bride, accentuating the waist and skimming the figure before pooling elegantly at the floor or blooming into a full ball gown skirt. Wedding dress designers adore working with satin for its versatility: the fabric can be ruched, drapes elegantly and works well with every body type.

One of the most important things to note about wedding dresses in satin is the support and structure provided by the fabric. The bride who opts for a strapless wedding gown, simple wedding dress or halter neck wedding dress will be confident in satin, as the material will hold her comfortably and securely in place throughout the ceremony and the reception.

What to consider when choosing a satin wedding dress

Seasonality should be a consideration when choosing a wedding gown. While the silhouette of the dress is likely to vary depending on whether it’s a summer celebration or a winter wedding, satin suits all seasons. Satin wedding dresses with long sleeves are an enchanting choice for cooler months, offering the bride coverage without compromising on elegance.

Summer weddings are also an opportunity to explore satin wedding dresses with sleeves, as a pretty cap sleeve offers a delicate finishing touch to a bride’s overall look.

The smooth, luminous appearance of the material makes plain satin wedding dresses a popular choice. The fabric speaks volumes, even in a pared-back design. Careful ruching, pleating or draping accentuates the figure and without sparkles or beading creating a distraction, the bride becomes the central focus.

When it comes to satin wedding dresses, Australian brides really favour this choice due to its durability and comfort in all weather types. Satin feels cool to the touch, so the bride will feel comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception. It is also non-absorbent and won’t soak up any lotions or creams that the bride has applied prior to the special moment.

Will A Satin Wedding Dress Photograph Well?

A satin wedding dress is a lovely choice for wedding photographs too, catching the light with its shimmer and making the bride appear almost ethereal. Professional wedding photographers advise that satin bridal dresses look best in pictures when it's the right fit, and the shade of the satin should be a consideration too.


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