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Off the shoulder wedding dresses blur the lines between traditional and contemporary, offering an elegant balance between a strapless neckline and a modicum of coverage with an artful sleeve. There are plenty of reasons why the off-shoulder design is so popular. Alluring without being too much, the neckline puts just the right amount of skin on display, while still maintaining a hint of modesty. It makes plenty of room for accessories and bridal jewellery, whether that’s a meaningful piece worn around the neck or a pair of statement earrings.

Graceful and Timeless Off The Shoulder Wedding Dresses

When it comes to choosing the fabric of off the shoulder wedding dresses, lace is an enchanting choice as it delivers a charming hint of vintage style to the bride’s most important day. There are many types of lace a bride can choose from that range from delicate to durable, fringed or floral. It’s a delightful way to put the bride’s sense of style on display and can also reflect the seasonality of the celebration. Guipure lace, which often pieces together floral shapes, would beautifully complement the narrative of a springtime wedding. Lace wedding dresses are an elegant choice that give a nod to tradition and bring a romantic and feminine aesthetic to the day.

A style for all the seasons

Brides will delight in off the shoulder dresses for weddings held in any season, as they offer breathability in the summer months and a little more coverage when the mercury drops. A winter wedding calls for off shoulder long sleeve wedding dresses that exude sophistication and will ward off any cool breezes. The long sleeved silhouette has been increasingly popular in recent years, as the royal weddings have featured elegant wedding gowns complete with long sleeves. A modern bride may opt for an off the shoulder wedding dress with sleeves, taking the loveliest elements of traditional and regal style, and infusing it with contemporary touches.

For brides who have selected the summer months to marry, satin wedding gowns are an excellent option. Favoured by wedding gown designers for its iridescent sheen and ability to drape and skim curves.

The off the shoulder neckline pairs well with any wedding gown silhouette, from mermaid style skirts to slinky slip dress styles. The sleeve element can be a wisp of silk draped around the upper arm, a fitted satin sleeve or a bloused lace puff. There are so many ways this look can be personalised to suit the bride’s whim, from classic to contemporary.



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