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Traditionally, wedding veils were worn to symbolise modesty and purity, offering a delicate shield for a bride as she entered a wedding ceremony. Today’s brides view veils as the ultimate bridal accessory, lending a delicate and feminine finishing touch to a wedding dress. Wedding veils come in many lengths, fabrics and designs, and have the incredible ability to change the entire look of your wedding dress on the big day. Far from being a yes or no decision, the bride who opts for a veil is sure to become an expert in the different types on offer.

Wedding Veils Melbourne: a timeless tradition

Cathedral and blusher are some of the terms a new bride is likely to become familiar with as she learns the variety of veils on offer. Some options for veils Melbourne, such as the birdcage, are relatively minimalist and still have a wow-factor: Marilyn Monroe famously flitted to the altar in a birdcage veil in the 1950s. Others hold a place in history, dating back to ancient times and are still the accessory of choice for the members of today’s royal family. Kate Middleton famously wore a blusher when she married Prince William, Meghan Markle floated under a 16-foot cathedral veil.

The shape of your wedding gown will give hints to which veil will be perfect for you. Wedding veil fabric must be carefully considered too. Certain veils are made to complement the silhouette of a gown, others are trimmed to pair well with the fabric. The general rule is: the more embellished the dress, the more minimalist the veil. A lace wedding veil, for example, will suit a simple wedding dress.

Making your own bridal tradition

Many modern brides opt out of the veil tradition altogether, choosing instead to complement their style with different accessories.

Brides wearing an off-the-shoulder wedding gown might want to consider a silk scarf or shoulder wrap that lends a lovely textural interest and offers a different look for photos. A headband or hair clips encrusted with glittering crystals or lustrous pearls lends an elegant shimmer to the slightest turn of the head. An oversized dress bow will add some drama to the back of your dress whilst tulle sleeves will help to add some textural interest if you’re wanting to draw attention to your waistline. 

One of the most charming trends to emerge this year is weaving wedding tulle fabric through a chosen hairstyle. The wispy fabric can be attached to a clip or comb, or simply tied into the hair to provide a beautiful contrast with loose curls. This delightful finishing touch enhances the overall romance of a look effortlessly.


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