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If you’re a bride-to-be that’s looking to make a statement on her big day, there are few things less impressive than wedding dresses with long trains. A wedding dress with a train adds drama and flare to your big day, and at Riva Bridal we have a number of options to suit every kind of modern bride. 

Whether you’re after something long and show-stopping, or you prefer a wedding dress with a smaller train that delicately pools around the feet, we’ve got the perfect thing! We have wedding dresses with trains in every style, whether you’re a bride seeking a backless wedding dress, a V-neck wedding dress or something more fit and flare, we have an option with a train to bring the good vibes on your big day. 

Are Wedding Dresses with Trains Just a Trend? 

These dresses exude elegance and add something extra to even the most simple wedding dresses. Wedding dresses with trains can be as understated or as dramatic as you desire, but there’s one thing for sure, they are never going out of style! 

The train adds some flare to your dress and it looks stunning in pictures and in person to give the illusion that you are floating down the aisle.  

Are They Easy to Clean? 

Whilst no wedding dress is particularly simple to clean, trains aren’t any more difficult to wash than the rest of your wedding dress. Often wedding dress trains can be clipped up into the dress for ease of movement and to prevent it from getting too dirty, but the reality is that if your wedding dress train is dragging on the ground, there’s a high likelihood it will be far more dirty than the top components of your wedding dress. 

When cleaning your wedding dress you don’t just want to throw it into the washing machine with your whites, you will need to get it professionally cleaned and if you leave it to the pros, your train shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to cleaning your dress. 


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