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A lace wedding dress brings a romantic and whimsical feel to a wedding, giving a nod to tradition with silken threads and intricate details. Chosen by traditional and modern brides, lace wedding gowns come in many silhouettes that flatter with a feminine aesthetic that will delight onlookers and guests on the big day.

Explore Exquisite Lace Wedding Dresses for Your Special Day

Elegant lace bridal gowns are available at Riva Bridal Melbourne in a variety of silhouettes, including contemporary strapless gowns that make room for statement bridal jewellery, and mermaid dresses that enhance the bride’s natural curves and balance them with a flared skirt.

Pairing accessories to lace bridal dresses presents an opportunity to echo the lace detailing of the dress or create an eye-catching contrast. A veil trimmed with lace edging is a lovely way to introduce the lace of the dress, while a raw-edge veil softens the look of the lace at the first glance.

A pair of crystal drop earrings or headband embellished with lustrous pearl details offer a subtle but striking contrast with the softness of the lace. Similarly, a lace trimmed cuff on a long sleeve lace wedding dress provides an enchanting contrast to a statement engagement ring or a dark manicure.

Incorporating lace for an individual look

If a hint of lace is what the bride desires, it’s easily introduced through a delicate lace cap sleeve or wedding wrap that can be easily removed for the first dance. Lace can be woven around the waist, or simply included on the veil to complement a simple wedding dress.

Lace wedding gowns are a favourite of wedding photographers who love to play with angles and get the most out of the light, from getting-ready shots to that golden moment in the late afternoon. Lace creates its own light and shadows and offers incredible depth for the must-have shots that every bride should have on her wedding album wish list.

Lovely lace can be incorporated into the decor of the special day as well, from delighting guests at their place settings to memorable take-home gifts. These thoughtful details extend the bride’s personal style and delicate dress design to attendees, making them feel even more involved in the nuptials.

This classic bridal look has been around for centuries, and yet no two brides are the same. The sheer variety of lace types ensures the lace-loving bride can stand out from the crowd with her choice of lace, and the way she chooses to incorporate it into her overall look.


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