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Exquisite elegance and a hint of modesty

Brides looking for a long sleeve wedding dress online have come to the right place. Riva Bridal has the most exquisite range of long sleeved wedding dresses Australia has to offer. Booking in for an in-person appointment will ensure the bride can be confident in her choice and experience the feel of different fabrics and silhouettes she may not have considered previously.

Discover Elegant Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses in Melbourne, Australia

It’s easy to understand why brides opt for a long sleeve wedding dress, Melbourne weather can be unpredictable so a little extra coverage around the arms can go a long way when it comes to comfort.

Long sleeve wedding dresses come in an incredible number of silhouettes and fabrics. Brides will delight in the selection of lace wedding gowns with long sleeves chosen for their timeless and romantic aesthetic, as well as satin bridal dresses, favoured by wedding gown designers for their enchanting sheen and ability to sculpt and support a bride’s figure without compromising her comfort.

Finding the dress of your dreams takes time, and a willingness to try on a lot of options before settling on ‘the one’. Having one key element of the dress in mind, such as long sleeves, makes the task wonderfully more rewarding as the treasured feature changes from a dream to a tangible design.

Accessorising a long-sleeved wedding gown

Long sleeved wedding dresses often eliminate the need for bracelets and bangles but will draw attention to the bride’s engagement and wedding ring. Her manicure will also be a focal point for well-wishers and the wedding photographer.

Brides should consider matching their manicure not only to their bridal jewellery, but also to the sleeves of their wedding dress and their flowers. A long sleeve that finishes with delicate lace covered buttons would best suit a romantic pink or classic French manicure. A bouquet of lilies or deep red roses would perfectly match a rich red or glossy burgundy nail. Nail art is another consideration, whether it’s a stencil echoing the lace on the sleeves and gown, or a celebratory sprinkle of glitter to catch the light.

A long sleeve can also be enhanced with a beautiful veil, in keeping with modest traditions. A blusher, as worn by Kate Middleton, is a short veil that reached just past the elbows of her long-sleeved satin gazar gown. Meghan Markle opted for a 16-ft cathedral veil to drape over the long-sleeves of her silk organza dress.


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