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How to Plan Your Winter Wedding!

How to Plan Your Winter Wedding!

Our tips and tricks on how to plan a magical wedding during the winter 

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning and you’ve chosen a winter wedding, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind to have a romantic and magical wedding in the cooler months. 

From cosy party favours to winter-inspired touches, these are our best tips on how to plan the winter wonderland wedding you’ve always wanted. 

Choose the perfect venue

If you’re really wanting to embrace the winter vibes, choose a venue that complements the theme! You may want to consider locations that have a winter-y, rustic feel with fireplaces, exposed wooden beams or large windows so you and your guests can watch the winter weather from the comfort of inside the venue! 

Choose winter-themed decor 

There are some really tasteful ways to add a touch of winter inspired decor into your wedding. Adding twinkling fairy lights, flickering candles and lush greenery are some of the best ways to help really emulate that winter feel. 

Opt for seasonal flowers or evergreens in your floral arrangements to add an extra special touch to your winter wedding. 

Offer cosy party favours and amenities 

Make sure you offer your guests cosy amenities and party favours to keep them warm and comfortable during your winter wedding. If you’re planning on having an outdoor section to your wedding, provide blankets and warm beverages to help combat the winter chill. 

You could also provide cosy inspired party favours for your guests to take home, think personalised matchbooks or hot chocolate kits so your guests can keep the good winter vibes going even once your wedding is over! 

Use seasonal produce 

If you’re planning your wedding for winter, incorporating seasonal produce into your wedding menu is a perfect way to add something extra to your winter wedding. Opt for more hearty dishes that are full of root veggies, comforting soups and decadent desserts to really get that winter aesthetic you’re looking for! 

Choose your dress wisely! 

One of the most important things to do when planning your winter wedding is to choose your dress wisely. Winter weddings allow you to opt for thicker, more luxe fabrics to keep you warm during your ceremony and reception. You may also want to opt for a wedding dress with long sleeves or consider opting for accessories like shawls, sleeves or gloves to help combat the cool weather on your wedding day! 

At Riva Bridal, we can help you to find the perfect dress for your winter wonderland wedding. Our guide to planning your winter wedding means you can create a magical wedding even in the depths of winter! 

Contact us today or book an appointment at our Armadale boutique to find out exactly how we can help you find the dress of your dreams for your winter wedding!

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