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Seven Tips to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Seven Tips to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress

How to Find the Wedding Dress for You

If you’ve been searching for the wedding dress that’s going to make you look as good as you feel but you just aren’t sure where to start, you definitely aren’t alone! 

We know that shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming amongst planning all the other aspects of your wedding day and with so many styles, fabrics and boutiques to choose from it can be easy to feel like there is almost too much choice when it comes to finding your perfect dress. 

If you’ve been wondering how to best tackle your wedding dress shopping journey, this guide is just the thing! These are our top seven tips for choosing your perfect wedding dress that will have you looking and feeling as radiant as ever on your wedding day.

1. Start Early & Be Patient 

Good things take time and whilst you might be one of the lucky ones who find their dress on the first go – chances are you’ll be trying on at least a couple of dresses before you secure your dream wedding dress. Time really is your number one ally when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Starting early allows you to explore different styles and silhouettes as well as allowing ample time for any alterations or customisations. 

It’s also crucial to be patient – don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your dream dress on your first trip, finding the dress that embodies your unique personality and style may take at least a few fittings! 

2. Know your budget 

Before you even begin the search for your dream wedding dress, it’s vital to set yourself a realistic budget to help narrow down your options. It's no use trying on and falling in love with a dress that’s way out of your budget if you don’t have any wiggle room. 

You’ll also want to keep in mind that any customisations, alterations and accessories will need to fit into your budget too. Setting a clear and realistic budget early on will help take any unnecessary stress out of your wedding dress shopping. 

3. Understand what looks best for you 

Every single bride has a completely unique style and body type and properly understanding what sort of silhouettes and styles look best on you will help enhance your natural beauty on your big day. Different dress silhouettes flatter different body types, do your research before beginning your search and aim to find a dress that compliments your figure, highlights your favourite features and draws focus away from any of your insecurities. 

Whether you’re looking for an exquisite A-line wedding dress, something more sleek and simple, an elegant backless number or a wedding dress with long sleeves we have the perfect dress for you and your body type at Riva Bridal.

4. Keep your venue in mind 

Whilst it may not seem like something you need to consider, the venue of your wedding can play a significant part in the style of wedding dress you end up going with. If you’re looking to have a laid back, outdoor affair a satin wedding gown might be best due to the way it catches the light. Or if you’re looking for something with a bit more drama for an evening wedding, an off-the-shoulder wedding dress might be the perfect thing! 

You’ll also want to consider the season and the weather of your wedding day, if it’s a summer affair you might want a more lightweight fabric, but if it’s something in the winter, sleeves may be high on your list of priorities. 

5. Bring someone you trust 

Bringing someone who you trust, and someone whose opinion you value can help you through your decision making process. You’ll want to choose someone who understands you and the kind of look you want to create for your big day. Whilst the final decision is, of course, yours to make, having a trusted friend or family member there to help guide you can be very beneficial. 

6. Keep an open mind

Whilst it is always best to have an idea of the kind of style or silhouette you want in your wedding dress, it’s also vital to ensure you keep an open mind throughout the process. You may find that the dress you feel best in wasn’t the style you would normally choose. Trust the experts who are there to guide you throughout your consultation and be willing to experiment with styles, shapes and accessories! 

7. Trust your gut 

Finding your perfect wedding dress really is all about instincts! Choose a dress that makes you look and feel your very best, aligns with your style and helps bring your wedding vision to life! Shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming, and when you think you’ve found the one – trust yourself! 

Your perfect wedding dress at Riva Bridal

At Riva Bridal we can help you on your journey to finding your dream wedding dress, our carefully curated selection is designed for the modern bride. Think timeless elegance with our modern, sleek styles. If you’re on the hunt for your dream wedding dress in the lead up to your wedding day – we can help you find the perfect fit! 

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